Examples of all Universal Themes

As we have been studying in class so far, we have learned all the Universal themes that come up in pieces of literature. Here, I will mention an example of each universal theme we’ve learned about.

Man vs himself: In Twilight. Edward has to fight against himself for the love for Bella and the necessity of her blood.

Man vs nature: The movie of Jaws.

Man vs society: In the movie Mean Girls.

Overcoming adversity: In the movie 300, when the little army of Spartans fight for their lives.

Friendiship is a dependence sacrifice: In the saga movie of Harry Potter, the friendship between the 3 (mainly Harry and Ron) takes a lot of sacrifice, but they manage the issues to still be friends.

The importance of family: In the movie, Cheaper by the Dozen, the big family of 12 reflects this theme.

Love conquers all: In the movie Dear John, we can see how two individuals fight for their love.

Death is a part of a life cycle: In the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Dumbledore dies. Here we can see that even the least expected face this part of the life cycle.

Sacrifices bring rewards: In Romeo and Juliet, when they give their lives to same the other one, they are sacrificing their selves so that their lovers can live. This is the reward brought from sacrifice.

Humans all have the same needs: In the movie Night in the Museum, when the caveman finally comes down and needs some love; a necessity every human being requires.


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